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President's Day 27th July

posted 27 Jul 2014, 14:57 by John Palmer   [ updated 27 Jul 2014, 14:57 ]

Scott Harries bowled well all day to win the cup with a 21-16 win over Chris Chamberlain in the final. Details are on the Competitions page.

2014 Team Captains

posted 25 Feb 2014, 04:55 by John Palmer   [ updated 4 Feb 2015, 13:26 ]

At the pre-season bowling meeting held on February 24th, the following team captains were elected...

 Shropshire Premier  Mick Harries
 Mid-Shropshire Division 2  Pete Driver
 Mid-Shropshire Division 3  John Palmer
 Mid-Shropshire Division 4  Alan Jones
 Dudley League  Brian Walters
 Highley - Islanders A  Scott Harries
 Highley - Islanders B   Tom McGill
 Highley - Bylet A  Georgina Marsh
 Highley - Bylet B  Rob Renke
 Ludlow  Irene Wood
 Telford Ladies  Fiona Hammond
 Seniors A  Dave Elliott
 Seniors B  Les Bromley
 Seniors C  Dick Pinches

Please support your captains!

Mid Shropshire League

posted 14 Jan 2014, 14:51 by John Palmer   [ updated 4 Feb 2014, 14:50 ]

Donnington Wood have had a rethink on their decision to enter a new team in division 3 and have opted for division 6 instead. Unfortunately, this confirms that our A side will be relegated to division 2. 
Our other teams will play in Division 3 on a Friday and Division 4 on a Monday. This confirms that the  Monday team has been promoted from Division 5.

On Fridays, Division 2 will have to play Albrighton, Bowring, Bridgnorth, Broseley, Charlton, Maddocks, Newport, SJB, Sinclair, Stockton, Trench and Wrockwardine Wood and Division 3 at Allscott, Bowring, Chelmarsh, Edgmond, Horsehay, Madeley, Much Wenlock, Newport, SJB, Shifnal, St Georges and Trench.
The Monday side will play Albrighton, Allscott, Bridgnorth, Broseley, Donnington, Horsehay, Madeley, SJB, Sinclair, St Georges and Wrockwardine Wood.

The new season will start on Friday April 4th. Divisions 4, 5 & 6 start on Monday April 7th. 

Propositions for the AGM

posted 14 Jan 2014, 14:44 by John Palmer   [ updated 25 Feb 2014, 04:45 ]

The following propositions for the AGM have been proposed by the club committee:
  1. That the categories of membership be reduced from the present nine categories to three and that these are Full, Junior and Social Members.
  2. That the subscription rates for the three membership types above be set to £32.50, £1,00 and £15 respectively for 2014-2015 and that 30 pence be added to match fees to compensate.
  3. That the Club Captain and President cease to pay for their 'Days' and that members fund these events on a £2 to play and £2.50 for tea basis.
All three propositions were carried.


posted 14 Jan 2014, 14:43 by John Palmer   [ updated 26 Jan 2014, 05:09 ]

The AGM will be held on Monday 10th February 2014 at 8pm in the clubhouse.

Minutes from the 2013 AGM can be read here.

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