Welcome to the Bylet Bowling Club, Bridgnorth, Shropshire

2020 News

  • Floods
    Some pictures of how the February floods affected the club can be seen here.
    They were taken on Wednesday 26th when the river was at its peak level - 5.2m.
    Posted 26 Feb 2020, 08:10 by John Palmer
  • AGM Update
    Both executive proposals were approved unanimously:
    1. That the post of Club President would revert to an honorary role.
    2. That bowling subscriptions would be raised by £10 to £49 (£51 including the SCGBA registration fee).
    Officers elected:
     Honorary President  Terry Hawkins
     Club Captain  Rob Renke 
     Secretary   John Palmer 
     Treasurer & Bar Secretary  Pete Driver

    Fiona Hammond
    Terry Hammond
    Kath Driver
    Geoff Carnell
    Margaret Blankstone
    Peter Hayne
    Cathy Warner
    Posted 17 Feb 2020, 03:26 by John Palmer
  • Team Captains - Update
    Unfortunately, Ken Jenkins has indicated that he won't be bowling for the club in the forthcoming season and consequently won't be captaining Islanders B. John Palmer will run the team instead.
    Pete Driver has agreed to run the Islanders C team in the Highley League division 2.
    Posted 9 Feb 2020, 04:41 by John Palmer
  • Bowling Meeting
    An early pre-season bowling meeting was held at the club on Monday 27th January, attended by over 50 members. The main discussion points were:
    • That there was insufficient support for bowling in the Wolverhampton & South Staffs League on a Saturday so we've had to withdraw our team.
    • Whether we can run four teams (two in Div 1 & two in Div 2 subject to league approval) or only three teams in the Highley League. This is yet to be resolved.
    • In order to resolve player registration issues in the Results Service, the Highley League teams will all be called Islanders (A, B, C and possibly D). Approved.
    The majority of team captains were elected as follows:

    League  Captain  
     Shropshire Premier  Scott Harries  
     Mid-Shropshire Division 1  Ian Hopson 
     Mid-Shropshire Division 2  TBA  
     Mid-Shropshire Division 5  Mick Corfield  
     Telford Ladies  Fiona Hammond  
     Highley Division 1 Islanders A  Simon Rhodes  
     Highley Division 1 Islanders B  John Palmer
     Highley Division 2 Islanders C ?
     Pete Driver
     Highley Division 2 Islanders D  Fiona Hammond  
     Mid-Shropshire Seniors Division 1 Bylet A  Pete Driver  
     Mid-Shropshire Seniors Division 1 Bylet B  Geoff Carnell  
     Mid-Shropshire Seniors Division 4 Bylet C  Rob Hodson
    Posted 9 Feb 2020, 04:37 by John Palmer
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Club Announcements

  • Mid-Shropshire Questionnaire
    Hi All,
    The Mid-Shropshire League are trying to plan for the lockdown being lifted which would enable some sort of competitive bowling to take place before the end of the season. This is what they've asked:
    Last week’s easing of C-19 lockdown restrictions, allowing bowling clubs to re-open their greens – if they can or they want to – has clearly put the emphasis on the League’s clubs to ensure their members stay safe, should they want to play on a re-opened green.

    Competitive league bowling remains a distant and possibly diminishing prospect, certainly not possible before club buildings are allowed to re-open in early July – if all goes according to the Government’s plan.

    But the League’s officers are anxious to get some sort of idea from clubs about how many bowlers they think might actually want to play some sort of league bowls – be it with reduced numbers, on a home and away basis or even in localised mini-league groups – should the sport be given the green light to return to some sort of normal in July.

    So it would help to fine tune their contingency planning if ALL clubs - no matter how many teams they have or what divisions they play in - could answer the following question and get them back to the general secretary by Sunday 7th June please:

    Question 1 – If competitive league bowling is allowed later this year, how many of your club’s bowlers do you think would want to play in fixtures?

    Question 2 – Would that number be higher if the usual league fixture structure was changed to:
    (a) reduced numbers in matches (eg 8 instead of 12 or 10-a-side)
    (b) matches played on a home and away basis on one night, as in the team knockouts (eg 4 at home-4 away if an 8-a-side fixture)
    (c) matches in more localised mini league groups to reduce travelling?

    Question 3 – If there is insufficient demand for league fixtures, or too late in the summer to start them, how many of your club’s bowlers would you estimate would want to bowl in League competitions?

    FYI, the cut-off for the start of any Friday division fixtures needs to be July 10. . .

    In order to respond, I need some feedback from you, the bowlers...
    For question 1: whether you would want to play in the Mid-Shropshire league this year or not. If yes:
    For question 2: whether you would prefer option a, b or c.
    For question 3: whether or not you would be interested.
    Please email your information (and any other thoughts) to: bylet.bridgnorth@gmail.com and I'll respond to the league as appropriate.
    Many thanks,
    John Palmer (Secretary).
    Posted 23 May 2020, 04:17 by John Palmer
  • Greens open for practise
    We're pleased to announce that following updated guidelines the greens will be opened for practice from tomorrow. However, please familiarise yourself with the BCGBA guidelines before playing.
    The following restrictions will apply:
    • You must not enter the clubhouse, even to use the toilet facilities.
    • Greens will be open from 10am until 9pm - no floodlights (sorry).
    • Four jacks maximum on each green.
    • If other members are waiting to play, please limit your session to one hour.
    • Please log your visit in the book provided in the George Eddowes pavilion.
    • The George Eddowes pavilion will be open and there will be 8 practice mats and jacks. If you have your own, that would be preferable. Sanitizer and paper towels will be provided. If you use the club's equipment, please clean it before and after use.
    Due to the curtailed season with limited prospect of league bowling, we've decided to reduce subscriptions to £30 although you are quite welcome to pay the full price if you wish. This will not include the £2 SCGBA fee which will only be payable if there's any league bowling. Please post your subs (preferably by cheque) in the box attached to the gate on the bridge together with your name. Pete will empty this daily and will leave your membership card in the George Eddowes pavilion.

    Note that this concession could be removed by the BCGBA at any time. As they say: STAY ALERT - CONTROL THE VIRUS - SAVE LIVES (so make really sure that you stay alert!)
    Posted 12 May 2020, 09:37 by John Palmer
  • Don Bratt
    The death has been announced of one of the founder members of the Baggies Corner - Don Bratt at 88. See the Baggies Corner for more details.
    Posted 20 Mar 2020, 05:09 by John Palmer
  • Club Closed Until Further Notice
    Following yesterday's advice from the government asking everyone to avoid clubs and social gatherings, the officers have taken the difficult decision to close the club until further notice. This action is taken with great regret but the safety of our members is our main concern.
    The weekly bonus ball will be frozen after this Saturday's draw. It will recommence when the club reopens.
    To those of you yet to pay your subscription, we will not be collecting any more until the club reopens and will decide at that point how much it will be.
    All dominoes, darts and the weekly bingo are cancelled.
    We are going to take this opportunity to complete the reseeding of the poor areas on the No.1 green so it will not open but will still be cut regularly. Once it has dried out, the No.2 green will be open for anyone who wants to get in a bit of practice.
    Please keep an eye on the web site for further announcements.
    Posted 17 Mar 2020, 09:03 by John Palmer
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