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Bowling Meeting

posted 28 Jan 2020, 02:52 by John Palmer   [ updated 9 Feb 2020, 04:37 ]
An early pre-season bowling meeting was held at the club on Monday 27th January, attended by over 50 members. The main discussion points were:
  • That there was insufficient support for bowling in the Wolverhampton & South Staffs League on a Saturday so we've had to withdraw our team.
  • Whether we can run four teams (two in Div 1 & two in Div 2 subject to league approval) or only three teams in the Highley League. This is yet to be resolved.
  • In order to resolve player registration issues in the Results Service, the Highley League teams will all be called Islanders (A, B, C and possibly D). Approved.
The majority of team captains were elected as follows:

League  Captain  
 Shropshire Premier  Scott Harries  
 Mid-Shropshire Division 1  Ian Hopson 
 Mid-Shropshire Division 2  TBA  
 Mid-Shropshire Division 5  Mick Corfield  
 Telford Ladies  Fiona Hammond  
 Highley Division 1 Islanders A  Simon Rhodes  
 Highley Division 1 Islanders B  John Palmer
 Highley Division 2 Islanders C ?
 Pete Driver
 Highley Division 2 Islanders D  Fiona Hammond  
 Mid-Shropshire Seniors Division 1 Bylet A  Pete Driver  
 Mid-Shropshire Seniors Division 1 Bylet B  Geoff Carnell  
 Mid-Shropshire Seniors Division 4 Bylet C  Rob Hodson