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posted 26 Feb 2020, 08:07 by John Palmer   [ updated 26 Feb 2020, 08:10 ]

Some pictures of how the February floods affected the club can be seen here.
They were taken on Wednesday 26th when the river was at its peak level - 5.2m.

AGM Update

posted 17 Feb 2020, 03:26 by John Palmer

Both executive proposals were approved unanimously:
  1. That the post of Club President would revert to an honorary role.
  2. That bowling subscriptions would be raised by £10 to £49 (£51 including the SCGBA registration fee).
Officers elected:
 Honorary President  Terry Hawkins
 Club Captain  Rob Renke 
 Secretary   John Palmer 
 Treasurer & Bar Secretary  Pete Driver

Fiona Hammond
Terry Hammond
Kath Driver
Geoff Carnell
Margaret Blankstone
Peter Hayne
Cathy Warner

Team Captains - Update

posted 9 Feb 2020, 04:41 by John Palmer

Unfortunately, Ken Jenkins has indicated that he won't be bowling for the club in the forthcoming season and consequently won't be captaining Islanders B. John Palmer will run the team instead.
Pete Driver has agreed to run the Islanders C team in the Highley League division 2.

Bowling Meeting

posted 28 Jan 2020, 02:52 by John Palmer   [ updated 9 Feb 2020, 04:37 ]

An early pre-season bowling meeting was held at the club on Monday 27th January, attended by over 50 members. The main discussion points were:
  • That there was insufficient support for bowling in the Wolverhampton & South Staffs League on a Saturday so we've had to withdraw our team.
  • Whether we can run four teams (two in Div 1 & two in Div 2 subject to league approval) or only three teams in the Highley League. This is yet to be resolved.
  • In order to resolve player registration issues in the Results Service, the Highley League teams will all be called Islanders (A, B, C and possibly D). Approved.
The majority of team captains were elected as follows:

League  Captain  
 Shropshire Premier  Scott Harries  
 Mid-Shropshire Division 1  Ian Hopson 
 Mid-Shropshire Division 2  TBA  
 Mid-Shropshire Division 5  Mick Corfield  
 Telford Ladies  Fiona Hammond  
 Highley Division 1 Islanders A  Simon Rhodes  
 Highley Division 1 Islanders B  John Palmer
 Highley Division 2 Islanders C ?
 Pete Driver
 Highley Division 2 Islanders D  Fiona Hammond  
 Mid-Shropshire Seniors Division 1 Bylet A  Pete Driver  
 Mid-Shropshire Seniors Division 1 Bylet B  Geoff Carnell  
 Mid-Shropshire Seniors Division 4 Bylet C  Rob Hodson

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