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2014 Team Captains

posted 25 Feb 2014, 04:55 by John Palmer   [ updated 4 Feb 2015, 13:26 ]
At the pre-season bowling meeting held on February 24th, the following team captains were elected...

 Shropshire Premier  Mick Harries
 Mid-Shropshire Division 2  Pete Driver
 Mid-Shropshire Division 3  John Palmer
 Mid-Shropshire Division 4  Alan Jones
 Dudley League  Brian Walters
 Highley - Islanders A  Scott Harries
 Highley - Islanders B   Tom McGill
 Highley - Bylet A  Georgina Marsh
 Highley - Bylet B  Rob Renke
 Ludlow  Irene Wood
 Telford Ladies  Fiona Hammond
 Seniors A  Dave Elliott
 Seniors B  Les Bromley
 Seniors C  Dick Pinches

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